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About Us

The online store selling Tibetan herbal mixes was launched in 2017 on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Purpose of our store:
— to provide a wide selection of quality Tibetan herbal mixes and related health products at affordable prices;
— to provide an opportunity for residents of different countries and regions to purchase Tibetan herbal mixes and other goods that are not available in stores available to them;
— to promote the rapid sale of the products of factories producing Tibetan herbal crops, thereby supporting Traditional Tibetan Medicine.

To accomplish these tasks, we carried out work on the certification of the Tibetan herbal mixes in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union. All products are certified as food products "Tea drinks on plant raw materials", the necessary laboratory tests were carried out with the receipt of the necessary protocols. You can download these documents below:
1) Certificate of Conformity
2) Lab tests protocol

We also work with wholesale buyers. We can offer for them flexible schemes of work and mutual settlements, delivery, and support in customs clearance. And for regular customers — shipment without prepayment.

To ease purchasing process for our European and overseas buyers we established cooperation between the Lithuanian company and the Russian one. This cooperation is carried out under a drop-shipping agency agreement.

Company details in Lithuania (Agent)
1. Company name:
UAB "***", Reg. № ***

2. Business address: Gerosios Vilties g. 4-53, Vilnius, Lithuania, LT 03134
Phone: +37-069940086

3. Beneficiary bank account details:
Luminor Bank AS Lithuanian branch