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Legal Side

Probably, you have a few question, regarding legal side of your purchasing and custom formalities. Let's make it clear one-by-one:

Q: Is it allowed to sell such herbal prioducts on-line?

A: Yes, this business is legal. To start selling, we have obtained the certificate called «the Declaration of conformity». This is official document registred by the government, what is necessary to perform the custom clearance of the imported herbal products.
To obtain this certicicate it is also necessary to pass the number of lab test, including heavy metals, pesticides, and fungus.
You can download these documents below and be sure about the quality of the goods you buy.

Q: I live in European Union (USA or any other foreign country). Is it legal for me to purchase these products from your shop.

A: First of all, the government and the custom consider such goods as food products. There is no restriction for the citizens of one country to purchase such goods from the shops located in the other countries, except the products containing toxic and psychotropic ingredients. So, from this point of view it is fully legal.

Q: How fast is the delivery?

A: It depends on the delivery method and your destination country. We ship our products from the temporary warehouse located in the Europe, so generally it takes 3-7 days to deliver your purchasing to one of European countries and UK. If you are looking for overseas delivery it can take more time, 7-14 days for USA for example.

Q: Do I have to pay any custom fee in my country?

A: Well, to be honest it depends on your destination country.
As it was mentioned above we ship your orders from the EU, so if live is in the EU or UK then there is no custom formalities at all.
The limits for custom duties and taxes exempts in such countries as USA and Canada are quite high, so you can be 100% sure there is no custom fee for you.
For the citizens of other countries we promise: we do our best to reduce your extra expenses and headaches due to custom formalities.

You can download our legislation documents below: