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Olse-25 — Tibetan herbal mix

Product Features

Tibetan name
Tibetan name in Wylie
'ol se nyer lnga

This is common remedy in case of female disorders. It normalizes menstrual cycle, helps with gynecological pain in the lower abdomen, lower back and pelvis area pain.

It is prescribed for uterine swelling, ovarian cysts, mastopathy, endometriosis. Also used in case of itching and burning in the genitals due to microorganisms (candidiasis, etc.).

As preventive remedy it helps prepare the body for pregnancy, preserves the fetus (especially in first 5 months - shall be taken in smaller dosage!), restores the body after childbirth and increases lactation.

afternoon time, one hour before or after meal
2 pills
List of Ingredients
aquilaria agallocha, pterocarpus sandalinus, podophyllum hexandrum, punica granatum, cinnamomum tamala, halite, terminalia hebula, emblica officinalis, zingiber officinalis roscoe, roscoea capitata, hedychium spicatum, гаа, zingiber officinalis roscoe, coriandrum sativum, arnebia guttata, myristica fragrans, rubia cordifolia, rubia tinctorium, onosma hookeri, inula racemosa, mirabilis himalaica, hippophae rhamnoides, lonicera maackii, brown sugar, snake meat, bear bile etc.
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Product Description

Please consult with a specialist in traditional Tibetan medicine before use!