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Goyu-28 — Tibetan herbal mix

Product Features

Tibetan name
Tibetan name in Wylie
go yu nyer brgyad

From the point of view of Tibetan medicine, this mix helps with the exhaustion of "heat" of the kidney, and heals the "cold" of the kidney, including its old forms.

It is indicated for testicular edema, chronic cystitis, and effective for feeling cold in the lower back and kidney, as well as in case of exposure to cold.

This mix is used in case of pain during urination, pain in the hip joints, weakness in the legs, trembling and cramps in the legs, premature ejaculation, decreased libido and potency.

in accordance with pricisian prescription
2 pills
List of Ingredients
cinnamomum zeylanicum, piper longum, elettaria cardamomum, zingiber officinalis roscoe, thlaspi arvense, caesalpinia bonduc, mangifera indica, althaea officinalis, rubia cordifolia, eriobotria japonica, canavalia gladiate, cupressus torulosa, terminalia hebula, melia azedarach, tribulus terrestris, dracocephalum sp., malva sp., berberis sibirica, curcuma longa etc.
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Product Description

Please consult with a specialist in traditional Tibetan medicine before use!