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Long Pepper / Pipli / Piper Longum, 100 gr

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Product Description

High quality big-sized Long Pepper (Pipli) selected by Gangchen Himalayan Healing Dhoop Udhyog, one of the best manufacturers of Tibetan medicines and herbal remedies in Kathmandu.
Before going on sale, pepper is specially sorted by the manufacturer in order to meet the requirements for raw materials for the manufacture of Tibetan herbal mixes. Thus, this product is not just a spice, it is also an ingredient for the manufacture of Tibetan formulations.

Long Pepper is widely used in Tibetan medicine, as one of the ingredients of multicomponent herbal mixes, as well as an independent spice. Long pepper excellently stimulates digestion, while not irritating the digestive system.

Pepper is sold as a whole (not ground) form: so you can be sure that you are buying a real Long Pepper.

Manufacturer: Gangchen Himalayan Healing Dhoop Udhyog, reg No: 22263/660, Rapti Marg, Tinchuli, Boudha-06, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Name: Long Pepper, Pipli
Scientific name: piper longum
Tibetan name: པི་པི་ལིང་།
Composition: piper longum, 100%
Net Weight: 100 gr