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Basam Lhalung / Aru-24 / Myrobalan-24 / Amla-24 — Tibetan herbal mix

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Tibetan name
ཨ་རུ་ཉེར་བཞི།; འབའ་བསམ་ལྷ་ལུང།
Tibetan name in Wylie
a ru nyer bzhi; 'b'a bsam lha lung

The full name of this herbal mix is: "A warming composition of twenty-four components based on the fruits of the Myrobalan (Terminalia chebula) for the treatment of kidney disease."

From the point of view of traditional medicine, this mix is used in case of heat loss by the kidney, for example, as a result of hypothermia, sleep on a cold surface, being in cold water, severe fatigue, etc.

Symptoms when this mix is applied: pain in the kidney and lower back areas, difficulty flexing and extending the body in the lower back, stitching pains in the acetabulum, numbness of the legs, numbness of the back muscles, and urinary retention.

From the point of view of Western medicine it is used under the following diagnoses: chronic pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, kidney cyst, falling of kidney (nephroptosis), swelling of the legs, swelling of the testicles.

in accordance with pricisian prescription
2 pils
List of Ingredients
Terminalia chebula,crocus sativum, elettaria cardamomum, shilajit, swerta chirayita, canavalia gladiata, skimia multinerva, rubia cordifolia, lacifer lacca kerr, juniperus formosana, polygonatum cyrrhifolia, asparagus filicinus, angelica sinensis, tribulus terrestris, mangifera indica, syzgium cumini, caesalpina crista L., thlaspi arvense, terminalia bellerica, phyllantus emblica, musk etc
1.47 gr
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Product Description

Please consult with a specialist in traditional Tibetan medicine before use!