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Chudlen Rilbu — Tibetan herbal mix

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Tibetan name
Tibetan name in Wylie
bcud len ril bu

Now we are happy to introduce you with quality chudlens ("health and longevity compounds") from the Kunphen factory.

In general, such mixes are used for two purposes:
1.for healing and prolongation of youth
2. to help in spiritual development and obtain the highest result in yoga and spiritual practice. In particular, this composition can be used during long meditations when the practitioner is instructed to abstain from food.

Actually, Chudlen can be used in daily life without changes in schedule of taking meal. But the effect of taking chudlens will be noticeably higher if most of the food is eaten in the morning. In addition, the phisician can give some recommendations regarding the diet and behaviour.

The main benefit of taking this herbal compound: restoration of immunity and balance in the body. Well-being is noticeably improved, and a person enjoys life, as in childhood. Stress resistance gradually increases. If you try to structure the goals that are achieved by this compound, then this will be the following list:
- Blood purification
- Cleansing blood vessels
- Restoration of conduction of the brain and nervous system
- Restoration of water-salt balance
- Strengthening the heart
- Restoration of immunity
- Benefits for women's health
- Increased potency in men
- Protection from stress
- Reversing the aging process

1 pill
List of Ingredients
terminalia chebula, shilajit, saxifraga egregia, gymnadenia crassinervis, asparagus filicinus, malva verticillata, tribulus terrestris, mirabilis himalaica, ajania tenuifolia, rhododendron primuliflorum, juniperus formosana, honey, terminalia bellerica, phyllantus emblica
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Product Description

Please consult with a specialist in traditional Tibetan medicine before use!