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Healing Incenses of 111 Ingredients — Sang (Incense Powder)

Product Features

Country of origin
Nepal, Nepal
50 gr
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Product Description

This Healing Incenses of 101 Ingredients is genuine Tibetan powder incense made by Nepal based factory of Gangchen Rinpoche. This is one of a few manufacturers who still use traditional formulas and prescriptions, unlike of most of cheap manufacturers who use essences instead of real herbs.

Healing Incenses of 101 Ingredients is quite especial. Its composition is designed as an offering for religious ceremonies and events, and purification of local environments. The manufacturer recommends to put this sang in small quantity as addons in other sangs.

The practice of burning of these incenses is called as "sang offering" (Tib.: བསང་མཆོད་, Wylie: bsang mchod). Probably this practice arised in Tibetan Buddhism from Bon as the way to pacify the local spirits, but got its place, and became common among all the traditions and branches of Tibetan Buddhism.