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Incense "Melong Dorje" — Medical

Product Features

Production run
Melong Dorje
172 sticks of 24 cm
Country of origin
Tibet, China, Tibet, China
200 gr
Catalog sections
Healing Incenses
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Product Description

There are only a few Tibetan incenses in the marketplace that is actually manufactured in Tibet, but not in Nepal or India. One of then is presented by this series of incenses "Melong Dorje" is made in famous buddhist university — "Yarchen Gar".

This healing incense has a long history. His recipe was compiled by the famous Melong Dorje, who lived in the XIII century. It contains fragrant substances and medicines that eliminate all diseases.

Today, this incense is crafted in the high-altitude monastery of Yarchen Gar. Its production was blessed by Akhyuk Rinpoche, one of the greatest masters who lived in recent times. It has a amazing aroma of frankincense and mountain herbs, and differs from other, daily incense, by a large content of medicinal ingredients.