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Rinchen Ratna Samphel / Mutig — 70 — Tibetan herbal mix from Dege Dzongsar

Product Features

Tibetan name
Tibetan name in Wylie
rin chen ratna bsam 'phel, mu tig bdun chu

This Rinchen Ratna Samphel (Mutig-70) came from famous Tibetan clinic («Menkhang») located in Dege, Dzongsar. To be honest, it is considered as one of the best Rinchen makers in the world.

Particular feature of this Rinchen Ratna Samphel from Derge Dzongsar is yellow silk. Don't be confused with it!!!

This herbal mix is considered as «Rinchen» or «Precious Pill». Ratna Samphel is perfect for neurological disorders, vascular diseases of the heart and brain. General indications are strokes, paralysis, hemorrhagic strokes, paresis, paralysis, epilepsy as well as poisoning, tumors, tuberculosis. Relieves pain in advanced cancer.

Believed, it improves memory.

special instructions for use
1 pill
List of Ingredients
Bambusa textilis, carthamus tinctorius, syzygium aromaticum, myristica fragrans, elettaria cardamomum, nigella sativa, cuminum cyminum, piper longum, cinnamomum verum, terminalia сhebula, terminalia belleric, emblica officinalis, bambusa arundinacea, boswellia carteri, сassia tora, abelmoschus moschatus, allium sativum, fragaria, saussurea obvallata, adenophora, malva, glycyrrhíza, pearls, coral, emerald, lapis lazuli, old turquoise, musk etc.
Shelf life
from 01.20 to 12.22
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Product Description

Please consult with a specialist in traditional Tibetan medicine before use!