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Jitang-7 — Tibetan herbal mix

Product Features

Tibetan name
Tibetan name in Wylie
byi tang bdun pa

It is one of the best Tibetan herbal compositions for bowel diseases. Indications for its use are cutting pains in the abdomen, hemorrhoids, including with the formation of abscesses in the anus, bleeding during bowel movements, inflammation of the anus.

In addition, this medicine is considered particularly effective in the treatment of helminthic infestations.

in accordance with prescription
3 pills
List of Ingredients
embelia laeta, ferula asafoetida, butea monosperma, zingiber officinalis, piper longum, caryopteris trichosphaera
Country of origin
Nepal, Nepal
Shelf life
from 03.20 to 03.23
1.8 gr
Catalog sections
Intestine, Parasites
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Product Description

Please consult with a specialist in traditional Tibetan medicine before use!