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Organic Tulsi Tea by Himalayan Ayurvedic, 25 teabags

Product Features

Nett weight
25 teabags x 1.5 gr
Country of origin
Nepal, Nepal
Shelf life
from 12.20 to 12.22
70 gr
Catalog sections
Wellness Teas, Healhty Food

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Product Description

High quality Organic Tulsi Tea from the Nepalese manufacturer "Himalayan (Ayurvedic) Herbal Preparation (P) LTD".

Important!!! This product has not been registered as a dietary supplement, and cannot be recommended as a medicinal or prophylactic mean.

If we would honestly describe the products of this manufacturer, it will sound like this: "Expensive. But having tried their products once, you will understand how good they are". How else, if even their competitors in the Ayurvedic market in Nepal speak of Himalayan (Ayurvedic) Herbal Preparation (P) LTD products with respect: "Much better than all other manufacturers of Ayurvedic products."

Knowing the director of the company, Kapila Khatri personally, we can confirm: he is a real alchemist who puts all his soul and love into the production process and manufactures his products with the utmost respect and in accordance with all traditional prescriptions and recommendations. So, don't be confused by the price: it is 200% justified.

Tulsi tea can be taken at any time, including at bedtime. Drinking this drink improves immunity, reduces stress and helps fight obesity.

Ingredients: Ocimum sanctum, Syzigium aromaticum, Elettaria cardamomum, Cymbopogon citratus, Cinnamomum tamala, Pterocarpus santalinus, Glyccirhyza glabra

Nett weight: 25 bags x 1.5g each
Best before: December, 2022