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Agar-35 / Agarwood-35 / Aloewoood-35 / Eaglewood-35 — Tibetan herbal mix (30 days course in capsules)

Product Features

Tibetan name
Tibetan name in Wylie
a gar so lnga

This herbal composition improves the cardiovascular system and has a calming effect on the central nervous system. It works well in the treatment of insomnia and depression, and treats psychosomatic disorders, for example, asthma on an emotional basis.

It has a restorative and tonic effect. Prevents and treats coronary insufficiency and angina pectoris. Apart of this, it can be used in case of infectious heat, or heat of wind associated with the heart.

This remedy is an excellent adaptogen, therefore it can be used for mountain sickness, time zone change syndrome and chronic fatigue. It reduces dependence on the influence of weather, normalizes sleep.

Dosage in capsules
3-4 capsules
Weight of a capsule
0.44 gr (raw product weight — 0.34 gr, gelatine weight — 0.1 gr)
Recommended dosage in gr.
1.2 gr
Capsules per bottle
individual intolerance to the components this herbal mix, pregnancy, breastfeeding
List of Ingredients
aquilaria agallocha - 4.4%, aquilaria sinensis - 2.7%, Santalum album - 3.1%, Pterocarpus santalinus - 3.1%, Carthamus tinctorius - 4.4%, Syzygium aromaticum - 1.8%, Myristica fragrans - 1.6%, Elettaria cardamomum - 1.3%, Amomum subulatum - 1.3%, Terminalia chebula - 4.4%, Terminalia bellerica - 3.5%, Emblica officinalis - 4.4%, Saussurea lappa - 4.4%, Choerospondias axillaris - 3.1%, Inula racemosa - 3.5%, Rubus - 6.7%, Zingiber officinale - 2.2%, Bombax ceiba - 2.7%, Boswellia serrata - 2.2%, Styrax benzoin - 1.8%, Adhatoda vasica - 3.5%, Saxifraga umbellulata - 3.5%, Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora - 3.5%, Meconopsis horridula - 4.4%, Chrysanthemum tatsienense - 4.4%, Cremanthodium humile - 6.7%, Pegaeophyton scapiflorum - 6.7%, pomegranad - 4.4%
Country of origin
Nepal, Russia, Nepal, Russia
EAN13 / Barcode
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Shelf life
from 08.21 to 08.24
85 gr

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Product Description

This is a famous Tibetan herbal mix, manufactured jointly by Kunphen Aushadhi Udyog and our store. The herbal mixture itself was made by the Kunphen clinic in Nepal according to our special order in powder form, and the encapsulation and final packaging were completed in Russia. All dosages are calculated by the Kunphen Aushadhi Udyog factory, and the clinic employees themselves find the use of their products in such a form completely conformed the requirements from the point of view of Traditional Tibetan Medicine.

Traditionally, Tibetan herbal teas are of three types:
1) Decoctions and infusions;
2) Mixes, ground into powders;
3) Mixes rolled into pills (granules).

A dry mixture in powder form has a number of advantages over pills: it is absorbed faster and completely by the body. Whereas pills are used in order to ensure long-term storage of the finished composition without weathering of nutrients and essential oils. The encapsulation of herbal mixes in food capsules, on the one hand, makes it possible to receive the composition in powder form, and on the other hand, ensures its long-term storage without loss of beneficial properties.

If the dosage is not specified accurately (for example 3-4 capsules), you can choose the dosage yourself within the specified range.

Consult with a traditional Tibetan medicine phisician prior to use!