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Tibetan Valerian (sugandhawal) incense, 30 sticks of 13 cm — genuine organic incense from Nepal — high quality incene from our collection

Product Features

85 gr
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Product Description

Valerian is a perennial flowering medical plant with heads of sweety scented pink. It is an underiable herbal naturally-sourced aid for treatment of insomnia. Additionally, the herb is used for irritability, depression, anxiety nervousness and nervous tension. It is also useful as medical plant for panic attack. Perfectly safe for the inhalation & environment.

Product details:.

- 30 sticks in the tube

- stick's length: 13 cm

- each stick burns for 60 min. (Approximately)

- Ingredients: valerian, organic glue

This incense is produced by hands under our personal supervision by a reputable manufacturer.

Aromatherapy in Tibetan medicine